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Originally Posted by MMC1 View Post
Epcot had barely been open one hour & Soarin said 10 minutes. After many stops to wait including guests in front of me letting castmember know itís been a over 40 minutes they assign 2 couples to row one, 2 to row 2 and one to row 3 . Well Row one couple is still complaining to us all about the 10 minutes and then they announce they are going to have delay to sanitize .
Row 3 announces this will not be a problem after election and then another voice comment and then another with dire warning All hell will break loose if that happens. I am starting to think this is not good cause we are isolated down long hallway and no cast members anywhere ! Miraculously cleaning was over & we entered and family did not watch the filmed instructions for seatbelts and they were using each otherís . I just wanted to get out of there!
A week ago we rode Sorin and they seated two family/groups per row unless the family was large (then they got the whole row). They did have a fast sanitizing delay which was so fast I figured they just sprayed everything down and I checked to see if the seat was dry before sitting down. I will say that I really enjoyed the plexiglass barrier as I have been on Sorin' with some real passive aggressive jerks whose behavior has exacerbated my obvious fear of heights. Some parts of CV19 protective separators I have enjoyed.
Janet & Dan
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On Election Day I was standing near two fighting groups. One man kept screaming “ it is all about Fracking”

Some little boy near by said “ can he say that Mama? “

I got the giggles and had to leave the area.
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