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Old 03-20-2017, 08:46 AM   #21
Grand Villa
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Originally Posted by OLDDISNUT View Post
Flights out of Chicago have been real high right from the first day being able to book October(I was online right when they opened up). Have not moved down at all, some are up over $200 one way. Looks like I will be taking AA or United.
I had a similar issue out of Chicago for our August trip. Originally booked flights at $350 round trip, the most I have every paid. Last Tuesday, I was able to rebook at $250. Still higher than I like, but much more reasonable. Check and see if Frontier has opened their Oct schedule yet. I suspect that is why SWA went down.
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Default Sw

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SW will tell you by their automated system when the flights are up for which dates.
I must plan Disney nearly a year out, etc., and you cannot beat their customer service especially in regard to a cancellation.
We had a family death last January and cancelled a February trip=no problems, no change fees.
We booked a family trip to Nashville for April and my son has just bought a home in SC, so two of those flights needed to be changed=no problem.
Yes, some people do not like their seat assignment system, but SW keeps costs down by doing that and they do not charge for baggage, so IMHO you can't beat SW--we fly on a regular basis to BNA and ORL over many years.
I also fly high school students with SW and they will hold seats on a selected flight for 24 hours so parents can use their credit cards to book a seat if they want their student to fly with me (some older students fly on their own)

Best wishes!
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Grand Villa
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We were watching the schedule too - and we were VERY disappointed. Not only are prices up (not likely to drop, they have been higher the past few months), but their non-stop offerings out of Milwaukee are way down. We have used SW almost exclusively for these trips for years, but that may be changing!
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Paddy Pat
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Originally Posted by bernie View Post
Just checked the nonstops flights I have for oct 15 - 22. from manchester nh to orlando since I booked it March 16 they have gone up almost $634. I have checked everyday for the last month to see when they would open Oct flights. it kept saying Sept 30 then when i got up March 16 I booked right away. Outbound was $133 now $263 and return was $156 not $363 . I cant believe such a jump. But that is what happened for my may trip. I tried to book when i thought it was far enough out and the prices were high that is why I backed up a sat to a fri to save some money and stayed an extra nite. I will definitely keep an eye out for next may so I do not have to pay such a high fare. good luck to everyone who is trying for a lower fare, but from my experience booking in may the prices never went down. Have a magical day.
We are headed down May 10th-16th. Flying out of Manchester. We booked in February for $133 going down, $125 coming home. We generally get three trips a year, usually May & Oct, with another when we can. One thing I noticed with SWA, that they will change prices randomly and occasionally. My point is, keep checking the website every other day, best on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings until you find the price you want.
The other issue is that SWA rarely offers real discount prices during weekend
travel. Keep searching...
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