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Old 03-25-2020, 02:59 PM   #141
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Originally Posted by Eeyorelover22 View Post

The State of FL may decide for us if we have to self-quarantine. No thanks to that.
Originally Posted by Orion54 View Post
I think Central NJ is still part of NYC area but that's my opinion.
I just realized I could fly from PHL. No way of knowing how long I was in PA our out of the NJ area. Driving with an NJ license plate could be suspect, I suppose, but then again don't 1/2 of all Florida cars belong to Jersey snowbird?! "Yes, Officer, I was hanging out with friends in FL." Or "We're just wrapping up a 21 road trip around the US. Haven't been in NJ since July!"

I'm sure any quarantine orders would be over by late August.

I'm at a 50/50 point with a trip to WDW. Will it be worth it, probably not from a normal standpoint. From a mental standpoint, yes. But that's because we are MOs and it's our other home so to speak. We have a reservation at the end of June/beginning of July. No so positive that they are open by then.
We're booked at AKV, so that would be a huge plus for still going. If Disney isn't open by late summer, I wouldn't begin to predict what Disney would look like.

Where did you hear about EPCOT not opening with the rest of the parks when they do? Just curious.
The sources on WDWMagic with a reliable track record have been suggesting as much. Obviously any plan today will change 5,672 times before the parks open in May, June, July, or whenever.

The bottoms line - just expect the whole experience to be different and much to not be available.


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Old 03-25-2020, 03:02 PM   #142
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Originally Posted by erikthewise View Post
I don't immediately see any reason why operations would need to be reduced.
The only thing that comes to mind is that the College Program participants have very likely gone home and many or even most would not return.
Originally Posted by helenabear View Post
Some articles with speculations state it. I still don't see why it makes sense, but that's what is being thrown out. There are no real ideas on it though. Just guesses. Some better than others.
Somebody posted elsewhere that College Program types scheduled to report on June 1 were moved to July 1, but I wonder if there just shifting everybody back a month.

Another reason to not open Epcot first - if they have to do dramatic cutbacks on dining capacity, they may not be able to generate the revenue they need to open Epcot until after the other parks are up and running again. I could imagine many of the restraints will need to be reconfigured, have tables removed, lose capacity, etc.

They may also have to figure out if they can have Food Booths and social distancing at the same for F&W.

It's a conundrum to me because enforcing social distancing will take more CMs, while cutting costs will require fewer CMs. I'm glad I'm not Disney having to figure this out right now!


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Old 03-25-2020, 03:05 PM   #143
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So, my bottom line:
  • Three Parks. I won't miss Epcot, espeically if Ratatouille isn't opened yet.
  • Ability to experience most of AK. I honestly don't see why they can't do the indoor shows at less capacity if they are keeping outdoor shows going.
  • Ability to do most attractions at MK and DHS
  • Ability to get dining reservations
  • Ability to browse/shop/dine DS.

Oddly, right now, there's not a single parade I want to/have to see and no fireworks show I have to see.


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Old 03-25-2020, 03:14 PM   #144
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If just the resorts are open then we'd be good - especially as presently we do not have park tickets.

The biggest reason we joined DVC was for the resorts. We love the different themes. We don't like 'hoovering' so places that have a lot of concierge and restaurants with crumbers aren't our comfort area. We don't like long drives in the rain - we like to sit in a clean, well themed lounge in the rain and pass the time with a down-to-earth 'tender.
Janet & Dan
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Old 03-25-2020, 03:22 PM   #145
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We had a very different trip in January while DH worked remote. I grabbed fastpasses the day of for each park for the evening. I even happened upon a FoP fp while trying to get a safari fp at AK. I just walked around the parks checking out the shops and people watching, rode the Skyliner, went early to Springs and shopped with no one in the stores, rode the monorail around one day, took the boat to POFQ from springs...just wasted time. I never rode a ride in the seven days during the time DH worked. We were both thrilled we were not at home in the snow and I wasnít giving finals.

I think if WDW is open in late June weíll all be thankful we are there.
Life needs to feel normal again. So, Iíll take whatever the new normal that Disney has to offer us.
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Old 03-25-2020, 04:05 PM   #146
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I was able to get 5 nights in a 1 bedroom at VGC for the end of June. It will be our first trip to Disneyland. Fingers crossed that we will make it. I already bought tickets, so I am not sure what I will do with those if we cancel this trip. It will probably be two years before we could plan another trip out there.
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Old 03-25-2020, 05:05 PM   #147
One Bedroom
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Default 25th Anniversary Trip...Rescheduled

We were supposed to be going 6/27 - 7/7 for our 25th anniversary and our DD(10) was so excited to see the holiday fireworks.

We decided a few days ago to postpone. We cancelled our AKV Value room - needless to say those nights were gone in a heartbeat and rebooked at SS standard (not our first choice, but still Disney and not too many points) for 7/24 - 8/1. Not sure if things will be back to normal then or not?

If not, luckily we are using 2020 points and can bank through September thanks to a February use year.

Also, we were using SW (WN) airline points ... which we bought at 40% off earlier this year! We re-booked our flights to fly from MHT instead of BDL and got 30,000 points back into our account due to MUCH lower fares!

Waiting game starts...will we be going at the end of July???
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Old 03-25-2020, 05:43 PM   #148
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Originally Posted by carolina_yankee View Post
Crossposting withe variation:

Question: What is the minimum you would want/need to make a trip to Disney worth it if operations are reduced after re-opening?

So, I'm actually now at 50% as to whether or not we'll get to Disney in August. Two factors come into play:

Is Central NJ considered the grater NY area for quarantine upon arrival in FL even if we drive? (Besides, I think the Governor's order applies to NJ and NY, not just NYC). If NYC it Italy (and numbers suggest it could be), we could be the national hotspot that is under lockdown the longest.

Will a Disney visit be worth the expense of the points? Rumors suggest dramatically reduced park capacity, zero character interaction, zero indoor shows, slower loads due to sterilization procedures, etc. And, most of all, it does sound like Epcot won't be on the open list until well after WDW is operating again.

To be honest, Disney may not be that fun of a place until we have effective treatments and then a vaccine.

Even though I borrowed some points to complete the reservation, our trip is the start of the Use Year. I'll be deciding in July whether to cancel and book for F&G next year.

MK and AK would need to be open.
Popcorn would need to be available.


Yep. Thatís it for me.
(ME, Mindy) (DH, Tim) (DS, Brandon) (DD, Emily, Emma, or Princess, lol!) (DSGF, Heather)
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Old 03-25-2020, 06:20 PM   #149
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If the pool bar is open on Memorial Day Iím going.

DH, me(Mike)MOD136, DW DD13DD10
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Old 03-25-2020, 07:12 PM   #150
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As long as vacation time is approved at work, I'll be there whenever reopening starts. No real minimums as we can spend time working on our new vacation place. But I'd love to be able to swing through a resort for a meal and/or a park for a ride/show....perhaps even just popcorn at this point.

I'm still sticking with June 1 for a reopening date, with July 1 my second guess.

Of course no one really knows & it all depends, but on the scale with mass hysteria on one end and spring break coronavirus beach parties on the other end, I'm trying to aim my family towards the middle.

So, for us:
- Social distancing - yes, 6 foot rule makes sense.
- Personal hygiene - handwashing is a good thing. Clean, baby, clean!
- Don't bring germs home to grandma - see above & observe obsessively
(this includes hand sanitation after pumping gas, pressing elevator button or otherwise touching anything that can hold virus)

But I'm game for travel that's consistent with this approach. Upside: if WDW extends closure through end of May as I anticipate & continues to add time to APs to compensate, our current passes will last till Feb 2021. That's potentially a whole lot more park days for us.
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