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Old 06-13-2018, 04:17 PM   #11
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Skybridge from BLT is on level 5! Your description of the BLT scent makes me homesick and I was just there two weeks ago!
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Default Day 2 - Part One

Day two of this wonderful adventure started off almost as early as travel day… with the exception that my dog Bandit is not near as enthusiastic, nor does he bring the intense energy that came with getting a wake up call from…none other than Mr. Incredible himself!

After I finally calmed myself down from my conversation with Mr. Incredible, We headed over to the contemporary, which, as most of you guessed connects to the 5th floor of Bay Lake Towers! The special guest announcer however, was uncharacteristically unnamed. So here is a picture of our Special guest speaker for your viewing pleasure 😊

While staying at Bay Lake Tower, you are able to access all the amenities that are offered at the Contemporary! This includes…Chef Mickeys! While enjoying this lovely buffet style character dining, all I can think of is the amount of planning and preparation that goes into making these types of experiences so memorable.

This photo above does not equate to the amount of planning involved in keeping Character Dining’s private for those who have made their reservations at that restaurant. There is no place, other than possibly the Monorail boarding area that will show you the amount of barriers that Disney uses to ensure Charatcter Dining remains special to those sitting and waiting (most times to eat their food as no one wants to miss a chance encounter with “The Donald” due to a mouth full of tater tots, and trust me, it was almost my reality!

Stay tuned, more of day two to come!
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Default Day 2 - Continued

One of the many things Disney excels at, is combining all your senses to create a specific atmosphere or feeling; especially at the Resorts. I have really started to become quite the Sherlock Holmes when it comes to scoping out where the beautiful sounds you hear while strolling through the resorts originate from.

This lovely splash pad is located behind the Contemporary Resort (which all guests at Bay Lake Tower have access to) and if you look closely near the bottom you will be able to pick out some speakers!
Just a short distance away, hidden in the fauna you will find the one of the many sources of auditory delight that is almost a constant while at Walt Disney World Resorts.

Can any of our readers list the order of the “music boxes”? The Resorts are: Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Bay Lake Tower, but what order are the photos in?
This is one thing I have become quite successful at during my 2 days here at Bay Lake Tower and touring some of the monorail resorts. For example, when at the Polynesian and Grand Floridian, you will also find a similar contraption. Although the camouflage for these “music boxes” (as the Citizens of Main Street USA would refer to them as) varies from resort to resort as once again, the theming is all encompassing.

Another thing that stood out to me right away, most likely due to my past experience as a Youth Worker, would be the differences in even something small as the rocks found on the resorts.

Now this is certainly something I could see children loving to explore as we all know that sometimes the best entertainment for children comes from the “invisible” treasures only a child’s eyes can see. Where-as, the rocks found at the grand Floridian, although quite similar in texture, differ greatly in size.

Now even my old warn out peepers can tell that this would probably go unnoticed by children when looking to explore as this is not the best “play rock”, and yes, that is most definitely a real thing 😉.
I absolutely adore the theming at the Polynesian as it is truly in a league of its own when it comes to the resorts on the Monorail.
You are greeted almost immediately with this stunning water feature in the middle of the resort.

If you happen to swing your gaze to the left upon entering the Loby, you will see a couple Cast Members hand making lei’s for the guests!

Just to the right you will find the Boutique Tiki gift shop, as well as my new best friend who I have affectionately named, Gerald.

If you look closely at one area in the Boutique Tiki (just to the right of Ger) you will see the continuation of the Island Theme as the lights are set up to flicker like torches. I know, I know…It’s pretty awesome!

I would also like to leave you off with a little tidbit of Disney knowledge. The Chandelier’s located in the Lobby of the Grand Floridian resemble pineapples.

The reason is that a pineapple symbolizes hospitality, which I think just proves that Disney has really…and I mean really, thought of everything as the Running Trail as well as the Fitness Center are shared between the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian. It is almost a subtle “shout out” to the neighbouring resort while still keeping the elegance and splendor that is expected when visiting the Grand Floridian.

With this, we end day two. Stick around and see what tomorrow brings!
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Grand Villa
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Three of my favorite resorts! Thanks for sharing.....
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Just a FYI, I've seen items full price at the airport store that were on clearance at the character outlet. Some ears and t-shirts come to mind.

I realize that airports stores are never usually a source of bargains, but something to keep in mind.

Other DVC resorts I've visited: VB, VGF, SSR, PVB, AKV
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Default Day 3 - Part 1

Today’s resorts started off with the renowned Beach Club Villas!

While touring at some of the DVC resorts I’ve noticed that at a quick glance themes may seem similar from one resort to the next. Yet upon closer inspection, the differences are striking!

If you compare the above photo with the one below, they are simply two antique automobiles. However, as we have learned with Disney, it’s the little details that really set these two focal points apart. One being, the color of the hubcaps on the car at Beach Club really set the tone for the colors and feel you will encounter once further into the heart of the resort.

Almost immediately you are greeted by non-other than, Capt. Monty Ray!

I had the great honor of making my VERY FIRST PIN TRADE EVER with the Cap’!

Side note for those who are somewhat partial to collecting items….BEWARE OF THE PINS!!! The pin trading has become almost as important to me as meeting my favorite child hood characters! This was certainly something I had not expected when planning and thinking (more like dreaming) about my Disney trip, but now I’m hooked!
One thing that I was very excited about before seeing these breathtaking Deluxe Resorts, was the theming of the mailboxes (especially as we have a huge fan of the themed mailboxes back in the office). I feel confident that I can speak for the team at David’s, that we’ve definitely heard about the wonderous and magical mailboxes that are found at each resort.
Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure! As I have apparently become quite the fan of quizzes and games during my time at Disney World, I would like to put it to the readers to tell me which mailbox belongs to which resort? (This one is not multiple choice so let’s get those guesses flowing!)




Continuing a bit further with the sense of sight, I’ve been noticing the room numbers at the resorts. The 1st one to jump out at me was BLT and how the sleek silver look with red pops of light fits seamlessly with the modern design of BLT.

Compare that to the Boardwalk numbers and its design is not overly busy yet still shows pops of color to pull through with the carpets that run the halls.

And here's the Polynesian!

Speaking of carpets, it’s another element of resort theming that I’ve found myself comparing from 1 property to the next. By far my favorite carpeting for the common areas has to be Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. It’s bright, vibrant, fun, and makes you want to go out onto the Boardwalk to see those flashing lights.

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Default Day 3 - Part 2

The last resort theming item I want to mention is the foliage. I’m impressed with how Disney has matched the flowers to the theme. The Grand Floridian flowers are manicured to perfection, gorgeous and elegant.

Some other ones I noticed were the Boardwalk Villas

and the Beach Club Villas.

The Villas at the Polynesian have bright tropical flowers and the plants have both beauty and a wildness to them (some have mini spikes or a pointiness to them).

Often there can be a lot going on at WDW and I find that the foliage is not only beautiful to the eyes yet also helps to keep people on their desired path. What I mean is that I think Disney uses the flowers to help guide guests to stay on the walkways, and not have little runs running off in different directions.

As Day 3 comes to an end and I’m even more in awe of the little details found throughout the DVC resorts; from elevator buttons to lamps and more, Disney really has put thought into everything.

This wraps up my portion of the Live trip report and next up my matey Matt will be continuing the story.

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Originally Posted by Mass Transit View Post
Wait a minute.... the "Keith" picture is at BLT (there are no glass windows behind CMs at the Contemporary). I'm confused that you took the Contemporary elevator to BLT during check-in. ...or am I reading something wrong?
If you're at the "general store", there's no need to take an elevator.
Opps sorry for any confusion. I checked in at BLT and then later in the night was exploring the shops at the Contemporary.
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Originally Posted by Jasonv1 View Post
Just a FYI, I've seen items full price at the airport store that were on clearance at the character outlet. Some ears and t-shirts come to mind.

I realize that airports stores are never usually a source of bargains, but something to keep in mind.
Thanks for the information!
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Old 06-15-2018, 10:06 AM   #20
DVC Kristen
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Great start to the trip Greg! It was great to see all the detail that goes into the resorts, can't wait to hear more
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