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Originally Posted by Joeli View Post
In the long run, hopefully we made the right decision.
You and DW made an informed decision together. That's how DH and I operate. When that happens in our house that makes the decision the right one and we don't look back!

Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy everything else that you do with the money - whether you spend it on yourselves or others!
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Originally Posted by Joeli View Post
Well, so here we are. We were invited. There was no NDA, just a please keep the information to yourself. I do not plan on giving away the details but feel the items that factored into our decision may help someone else...or not. After letting the information settle in with myself and DW, I can tell you that we were going back and forth on whether this membership worked for us. After a few days of discussions, we decided to decline the invitation.

We had an onsite meeting at the Contemporary when there on our last vacation. Pricing information that is out there is accurate. As all things Disney there is the possibility that longer term increases may happen annually.

Factors playing into this was the outlay of the first year of money which we felt would almost "force us" to go to WDW as often as possible, every other weekend, etc...due to just having spent all this money. We felt that if we would start going on the weekends, and even though we live 2.5 hours away from WDW, we felt that it was still too far away to get the real value of the membership. If we did traveling every other weekend or whatever, we felt that we would then begin to hate the drive, which would translate into hate going, and then who knows where we would end up. We enjoy feeling that we have the flexibility to go wherever we want for vacations, and even though this is a perception we felt it was enough to have a serious conversation about the psychological part of this membership.

We kept talking about it being "stupid money". This is just our opinion, and others may have a different view. But again, the initial outlay of money that would never be seen again, and finding the value in that outlay is another item that factored into our decision. Another item that came up was that should something catastrophic and unexpected happen, not being able to maintain the financial membership it would cause us to lose it, and we would then need to re-initiate the membership. There was no clause with a penalty etc... we felt that was another deal breaker.

Another item that factored in for us was the 50 park hoppers that we wanted to have the ability to donate to charitable organizations, etc. This was something that we would probably have had issues doing. They never came out and said we couldn't, nor did they say it was allowed. If I recall correctly the contract had some wording in it about the tickets only being able to be used by people you knew and assigned them to.

With all of this being behind us now, we have come away from the experience knowing that as we now are planning new trips, we plan on doing the concierge type VIP services and see how that fits in our traveling and lifestyle. If we do see the value in it, we may end up revisiting this membership (if invited again of course). I can tell you that this was a very interesting ride, and we still do talk about the invitation. In the long run, hopefully we made the right decision.

Another good thing that came out of this...now spending money on additional contracts does not seem that expensive after all!

Thanks so much for sharing! And best of luck on the search for those new contracts...
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