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Originally Posted by DVC Doctor View Post
Chase Sapphire Reserve has the Best rental car insurance (primary)
Yup, that's my card of choice for rentals as well.

Originally Posted by erikthewise View Post
Doesn't everyone drive cars at home?
Don't you have insurance for them?
Every time I've checked over the years, my home car insurance has also covered rentals. Yes it is still an excellent idea to have primary (or secondary) coverage through a credit card (or whatever) as well, but come on!
Sure I do. But why would I want to get my insurance involved when my card will cover it with no risk of an impact on premium?

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As an FYI, MasterCard does not provide rental car coverage, including Apple Card.

CapOne Visa does, including Loss of Use, and is secondary to your own car insurance unless you don't have any, in which case it is primary.

Probably a good exercise for a renter to Google their card name and "rental car coverage" to find the specific benefits as there likely are always exceptions.

Might be worth Googling "loss of use coverage" and you rental car company to make sure their T&C don't pull a fast one by stating they don't have to provide back up. I.E., my Capital One Visa will only cover substantiated loss of use, but I wouldn't be surprised if a rental company tried to pull a fast one with language that says "customer waives company's need to substantiate loss of use."

Unless of course that's illegal. But when has that stopped anybody from trying?


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