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Originally Posted by CarolA View Post
You taking odds on the kinks being worked out for Galaxyís Edge? Iím planning to wait at least 6 months to a year after opening before I Even try to visit.
Same here. I wonít be anywhere near WDW while all this craziness is opening. Itíll be 6 mos-12 mos behind the opening for us too.
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Originally Posted by CarolA View Post
You taking odds on the kinks being worked out for Galaxyís Edge? Iím planning to wait at least 6 months to a year after opening before I Even try to visit.
Originally Posted by TexasChick View Post
Same here. I wonít be anywhere near WDW while all this craziness is opening. Itíll be 6 mos-12 mos behind the opening for us too.
I will be at WDW, but will confine myself to MK, AK, and resort time. I can see some BRV/Jambo split stays during that time.
(ME, Mindy) (DH, Tim) (DS, Brandon) (DD, Emily, Emma, or Princess, lol!) (DSGF, Heather)
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Iím so sorry to hear that some attendees had a disappointing experience. We attended the MM event on 9/26 and had a great time. We did each of the TSL attractions once and found the actual wait times to be less than the posted ones. As I recall, TSM was posted at 30, we waited about 20. SDD posted 40, waited 25. Saucers posted 25, we waited about 20.

We have attended several MM events at different parks in the past, and enjoyed each one. This one did feel a bit more crowded, particularly in TSL, but we were expecting that. Iím glad DVC is hosting these events, and hope they continue.

The walk from the bus stop, I agree, is a major pain point - has to be at least 2/3 of a mile! Thatís a long way to walk!
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Originally Posted by BWV Dreamin View Post
Let me start by saying we are adult travelers with no kids. My perspective may be totally different than those with children.

After having endured the most stressful time ever getting these free passes to MM @HS, I was finally excited to see what this was all about. We left our resort around 6:30, arriving at HS fairly quickly by bus. OMG, the bus stops are really really far from the park entrance. This was a major turn off for us. Hoping they move them back closer once the construction is finished. If this is a permanent location, that will be a huge problem for many people.

I planned to circumvent the bag check by taking the smallest purse possible I could find to carry sunglasses, EpiPen, coin purse and tissues. Still got the bag lady from hell. I mean how many ways can you look in a single pocket small purse? Plus she had to take everything out. Disney needs to revamp this process. We proceed to the turn about to go in and the CM asks" Do you have fast passes" Huh? I said thought we couldn't get any?( showing him my band). " Oh, ok go ahead. Now I'm totally confused.

My only requirement of the evening was to get a free Mickey bar. Check out some shops, don't see any Moonlight Magic apparel. Is about 7:45p so I'm thinking they will bring it out later. There were only a hand full of attractions open for MM magic. If your planning on doing most of the rides/ shows get there before 6p. No more shows after that. We are not coaster people so we mainly walked around trying to get a Mickey bar. First lady " Nope you have to wait until 8:30p." Huh? Ok. We wait another 1/2. Mosy over to Sunset strip to get our free food to take home. Wow! That food area was packed!

We get our pizza to go. See an ice cream wagon. Great its 8:40. " Can I have a Mickey bar please?" No, you have to wait until 9:00p. What? But I could get the free entree ( had it in our hands). " Yes mam you can get the food but no Mickey bars before 9:00p." Just not getting this.

So we are ready to go. Not worth waiting for my coveted Micky bar. Toy Story land was cute, but lines were already at 50 minutes.All we wanted to see were some shows which were not operating during MM hours.Lots of walking with nothing to see for us. And the bus ride home was quick after you walked 10-15 minutes to the bus stop.

So for us it was quite a let down. Yes it was free but when only a few attractions are open, it just wasn't worth it. I would suggest to wait and go much later. Wait times should be less and regular ticket people should be gone. Would I do it again? No. YMMV.
We were there the week before.
Adult couple as you but traveling with family.
Yes,we sat in wait for the coveted ticket too.
Our main goal was the slinky dog train.
We picked up our wrist bands at 5pm at VGF. Went to dinner at the boardwalk and watched the torrential rain downpour wondering if we would even go.
It passed and we decided to take a mini van directly to HS as boats were not back up to running after the storm.

When we entered HS we went right into gift shop for my sister in law and they were selling the event merchandise at 7pm. I was shocked! Lines were midlin and we purchased our pins and T-shirtís before they disappeared.
Last year at Epcot it was a crazy frenzy for merchandise!
At least they learned from their mistakes.

I feel they just didnít broadcast that info clearly. We only stumbled upon the early sale of merchandise.

We then moved on to TSL and walked right on to slinky dog, alien swirling sauscers and TSM, only 15 minutes waits at most.
A win.
We did not use our food vouchers.
We had a fantastic ride on HTT with nephew! It was his first time!

So sorry that you didnít walk away with that great feeling for the night. We did, but I know how disappointing that can be for sure.
I do think Disney is still working out the kinks for these events. I wasnít a fan of the food vouchers this time.
Hopefully they will figure out the right formula next time for all.

Sometimes these events are truly hit or miss.
The MNSSHP was a miss for us this year.
You are right. With all the construction, the bus stops are a mess! I think our taking the mini van both ways was our save. ( we were trying them out as a precursor to traveling with elderly family on the next trip. Mini vans were a win!
Pricey, but a win.)

The luck of the draw?

There will be other events and hopefully it will be a win for you next time!
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