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Default Frontier Airlines - Pros and cons

I have never flown with Frontier and know very little about them, but I checked their site and they have a direct flight from RDU to MCO at a good morning timeframe far cheaper than Southwest. Now, I don't know how much they nickel and dime you for everything to figure out if it is best to just go with Southwest and free baggage or not. We would probably only check 1 bag per person and have 1 carry-on.

Their return flight time was not great, so will probably go with Southwest on that one.

Any insight to offer?

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Never flown with them. My understanding is they are a discount airline, similar to Jetblue and Spirit.

Found this on another website.....

  • Friendly Staff
  • Fast and safe
  • Modern and fuel efficient aircraftís
  • Clean planes
  • Nice Seats (despite they donít recline and they are really tight)
  • Low fare
  • Hidden fees (seat selection, carry on, snacks and beverages, canceling flights, etc.)
  • Delayed flights
  • Tight seats
  • Seats donít recline
  • Baggage mishandling
  • No IFE
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We don't fly so I can't say for sure but my DD just booked Frontier for a trip in May. When she first looked the flights were super cheap if they flew on Tuesday and flew back on the following Tuesday. Upon booking it was significantly more but still much cheaper than other airlines and the flights were direct.
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Old 02-08-2019, 12:15 PM   #4
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Flew one round trip with them. Going, no problem. Coming back, flight delayed total of five hours. Have no clue why, assuming mechanical. Got text saying delayed an hour. Got four more texts on the hour. What was disappointing was we never saw one employee at the gate for those five hours. People had connecting flights to which there was zero assistance to them. Employees literally showed up five minutes before we loaded.
Plane was clean and looked newer. I do have to say, for a two and a half hour flight, the seats were extremely uncomfortable. Less cushion and support. The base of the seat was shorter, to give the appearance of more leg room. You'll notice that shortage quickly. I now stick with Southwest.
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Old 02-08-2019, 01:15 PM   #5
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I wouldn't fly Frontier if the flights were free.

A coworker *tried* to fly with them for school vacation last year. Their nonstop flight to Orlando was cancelled after they had been sitting waiting at the gate for 2 hours with no updates as to why they were delayed. There were no other flights to Orlando that day and the next days' flight was fully booked. So they could get them out 2 days later, but their trip was only for 5 nights so they would miss nearly half of it. And since this was the start of school break for all Mass public schools, no other airline had availability to get them out that day or the next (Sat or Sun). They ultimately canceled their trip and got a refund for their flight, and postponed the hotel portion. And had 3 very disappointed kids. Add in their poor customer service, nickel and diming, and uncomfortable seats, and there is NO WAY I would ever fly Frontier.
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i fly a lot for work. Delta mainly. and i have had 4 hour dealys, plane cancellations, been rerouted to Indianapolis for weather, maintance - whatever. i've had it. So i don't think you can just attribute delays or cancelled flights to Frontier.
i also fly spirit more than i care to, just because it's so cheap. However Detroit is a spirit hub so we have more flights here.

I've flown frontier once, because it was free - and probably won't fly again. They have pretty much the exact model as spirit. you can buy into their Den club for cheaper fare. you pay for better seat assignment and you pay for carryon and checked luggage.
The plane seats are the exact same as spirit with the little metal tray that doesn't lock.
but Frontier does not have a lot of flights out of Detroit since it's not a hub. I'm not sure if your market is a hub. so in Detroit Frontier has delays or if they cancel there isn't a spare plane to replace. For example last week on delta in Detroit, our left engine wouldn't start. so they got us a new plane.
Frontier can't do that.
Frontier is a no frills airline that i would say is a bit less than spirit. I honestly will not fly them again.
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We flew them once and would do so again if their offer beat other airlines, specifically Southwest or American, for our needs.

What I liked:
  • Frontier offers red-eye flights (Southwest does not for our typical segments). Every now and again, I'd prefer to lose sleep to arrive MCO at 5:30a than to lose an entire day of "vacation" for travel purposes, arriving MCO at 5:30p. An earlier arrival time might just be the difference that makes the difference, KWIM?
  • I don't mind paying an annual fee to get "Den" fairs if the fee can be fully absorbed in the first use. Sometimes, it is just that!
  • I don't mind paying for the "package" if it guarantees me a seat with better legroom and location (rows 1-3?), my checked bags, carry on bags, etc. and still comes in at a rate comparable to SWA or AA.
Where it fell short:
  • Frontier was not, at the time we flew, included at the Disney Resort airline baggage check station. So, we had to lug our own bags and check them at the airport desk.

Otherwise, it wasn't bad. We had a pleasant experience.
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Old 02-08-2019, 02:20 PM   #8
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to be honest, they are now our families go to airline- for quick cheap trips anywhere, we look there first.

frontier caught our attention with $29 flights non stop from Nashville to Orlando. we grabbed backpacks and we were off. for the price, we really didn't expect more than a ride to Orlando and that's exactly what we got...

to be honest we southwest has pretty much out-priced themselves from our area when a first class ticket on American is cheaper than southwest I have a problem flying them. I have noticed a great decline in the customer service with southwest and that combined with the price increase they just are not worth it.
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Old 02-08-2019, 02:24 PM   #9
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I would have to disagree with the con list. Just delayed flight and baggage mishandling.

Both are out of control of frontier or Spirit.
I have own Alaska airlines and American. Both had delays
Same with frontier and spirit.
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Pros/Cons are the same. Cheap

I like the different animals on the planes. I went on one that was a goat?!?

My humble opinion if it is only for a couple of hours, I know how to use packing cubes and can fit 1 week of clothes into small backpack (I was trained by Mary Poppins) I can bring my own pad with a loaded movie of my own choosing and headphones, I am ok being smooshed. Plus I know where they sell water and peanuts too.

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