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Old 01-05-2015, 03:40 PM   #1
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Default Rental Ads by Member -- 2015

~MandR~: 10Jan, 17Aug (Total: 2)
2thDr1910: 16Jun, 9Nov (Total: 2)
2ulul: 17Apr (Total: 1)
5kidzrus: 18May (Total: 1)
999 Happy Haunts: 8Jan (Total: 1)

abtarpey: 28Jan (Total: 1)
aeterra: 6Apr (Total: 2)
afeerick: 13Aug, 25Nov, 25Nov (Total: 4)
agbmom: 9Mar, 17Mar, 16Jun (Total: 3)
ajr: 26Jan, 21Mar, 3Jun, 20Oct, 26Oct (Total: 5)
albumlover: 24Jun, 28Jul, 4Aug, 3Sep, 14Sep, 15Sep, 16Nov, 7Dec (Total: 8)
alchemist: 28Jan, 9Mar, 14Apr (Total: 3)
Alewk1: 7Jan (Total: 1)
Alex350: 5Feb (Total: 1)
AliGatorzzz: 17Jun, 12Nov, 13Dec (Total: 3)
All Smiles: 11Feb, 11Feb, 3Mar (Total: 3)
ALLIE814: 17Feb (Total: 1)
Allysmom: 1Nov (Total: 1)
alohalilo: 17Mar, 19Aug (Total: 2)
AlwaysEeyore: 13Mar (Total: 1)
amiemm: 17Aug, 19Aug, 4Sep, 11Sep, 16Nov (Total: 7) Keeps reposting same ad
amyhubbard: 15Oct (Total: 1)
andrea9873: 26Mar, 14Jun (Total: 2)
Angel1123: 1Oct (Total: 1)
angelia denise: 13Apr (Total: 1)
askobata: 5Feb (Total: 1)
Asquarred: 5Feb, 17Feb (Total: 2)
Atowngal: 14Sep (Total: 1)

Baleto: 27May (Total: 1)
ballypatricktravelle: 6Jan (Total: 1)
barngirl: 28Jan, 28Jan (Total: 1)
baylake09: 3Dec (Total: 1)
bcon750: 24Jul (Total: 1)
BCV4US6: 14Nov (Total: 1)
bdelhez: 7Feb (Total: 1)
bdkdisney: 22Jan, 6Apr (Total: 4)
beaches: 25May (Total: 1) reposts same ad within 24 hours
beadel: 30Jun (Total: 1)
behappy: 20Jan, 3Aug, 21Sep (Total: 3)
belding4: 20Jan (Total: 1)
Bella521: 7Jan (Total: 1)
Belve: 28Jan, 3Feb (Total: 3) clearly doesn't read rules
beth216: 26Mar (Total: 1)
bflood66: 3Dec (Total: 1)
bgfranklin: 5Feb (Total: 1)
bgraham34: 8Jan (Total: 1)
blakecb: 9Mar (Total: 1)
blclancy77: 31Jul (Total: 1)
BlizzardBeachBum: 17Feb, 3Dec, 8Dec (Total: 3)
BLT_S'mores: 1Oct, 20Nov (Total: 2)
blt9664: 7Feb, 9Feb, 17Feb (Total: 6) idiot who reposts instead of bumps
blueeyes14: 30Jan (Total: 1)
bmonoski: 17Aug, 17Aug (Total: 2)
Bmwdisney: 25May (Total: 1)
Boardwalk1998: 1Nov (Total: 1)
BoardwalkNJ: 17Feb (Total: 1)
bookem: 18Feb, 17Mar (Total: 2)
BoxSkippers: 5Jan, 10Jan (Total: 2) 450AKV
bpellis: 16Jan, 17Feb, 9Mar (Total: 3)
BPM5515: 17Feb (Total: 1)
Brer: 14Mar (Total: 1)
brewpups: 10Jan, 29Jan (Total: 2)
brie32: 10Jan (Total: 1)
broker: 25Mar, 26Mar (Total: 2)
bunny: 6Mar, 28May, 13Jun, 15Jun (Total: 4)
busters_eyes: 8Apr, 10Apr, 19May, 19Aug, 8Sep, 10Dec (Total: 9) reposted same ad next day despite approval of previous ad
BWV Dreamin: 13Jan, 30Jun, 15Oct (Total: 3)

cadtc: 3Sep (Total: 1) does not close threads
caledonia: 6Apr, 16May, 23May (Total: 3)
Cally533: 22Jan (Total: 1)
canadiandisneymommy: 9Oct (Total: 1)
Canadian Disney Mom: 22Mar, 15May, 19May, 30Oct, 9Nov (Total: 5)
cappy: 9Jul (Total: 1)
CaptJack: 13Jun (Total: 1)
carden02: 26Jan (Total: 5) Keeps reposting in different forums
Caren90: 13Jan (Total: 1)
CarynH: 28Jan (Total: 1)
CAS: 3Sep, 3Oct (Total: 2)
cc30: 20Jan, 4Sep (Total: 2)
Cerca: 3Jun (Total: 1)
CHANEL310: 9Oct, 13Oct, 13Oct, 13Oct (Total: 4)
chawk87: 1Oct (Total: 1)
chemix/chexmix84: 20Jan, 28Jan, 28Jan (Total: 6) can't make up mind
Chris Gdanski: 8Sep (Total: 1)
ChrisandMels: 17Feb (Total: 1)
chrisrook: 3Mar (Total: 1) triple posts
Christina427: 17Aug, 19Aug, 27Aug, 13Oct (Total: 7) posts in wrong forum [rental ads by member!] TWICE
christinecho: 17Feb (Total: 1)
chrizzymac3: 14Jan, 3Oct (Total: 2)
chukdotcom: 27Feb, 16May, 25Oct, 15Dec (Total: 4)
CHunterK: 12Jan (Total: 1)
cinderella4559: an idiot who does not read posting rules. at all.
Cjane190: 22Feb (Total: 1)
Cjkmiller: 13Mar, 3Nov (Total: 2)
Ck57524: 21Sep, 15Dec (Total: 2)
cmcr1957dvc: 22Mar (Total: 1)
cmmarkins: 13Oct, 4Nov (Total: 3)
cmmveronica: 20Aug, 27Aug, 8Sep, 23Sep, 27Oct, 3Dec (Total: 6)
cmrdgrs: 10Jan, 6Mar, 13Aug (Total: 3)
colton: 3Oct (Total: 1)
coluccc: 20May, 28May (Total: 2)
Conandrob240: 3Jun, 8Sep (Total: 2) don't close threads properly
Cpage0106: 14Apr, 17Apr (Total: 2)
CPTROBBIE: 16Jun, 23Jul (Total: 2)
cradi24: 7Jan, 9Feb (Total: 2)
crazik: 9Sep (Total: 1)
crz83: 17Mar (Total: 1)
Csylvia: 30Oct (Total: 1)
ctsans: 5Jan, 5Feb (Total: 2)
cuddles!!: 9Oct (Total: 1)
culli: 27Aug (Total: 1)
cwasko: 20Jan (Total: 1)
Cyounglitz: 15Oct (Total: 1)
czar: 20Jan (Total: 1)
cz4ever: 26Jan, 13Apr, 16Oct (Total: 4)

d47goog: 21Sep (Total: 1)
dancnorris: 5Jan, 24Jul, 25Oct (Total: 4)
danenrox: 19Feb, 31Jul (Total: 2)
DannyDisney: 5Oct (Total: 1)
Dare2Dream2009: 7Apr, 18May, 9Jul, 15Oct, 6Nov, 27Nov, 7Dec (Total: 7)
Dave_S.: 21Sep, 3Oct (Total: 2)
David546: 26Oct, 29Oct (Total: 7) double posted w/in 3 hrs; doesn't read rules; did it again next day
David Koenig: 21Feb (Total: 1)
David_Hall_2000: 10Jan (Total: 1)
dawn4bill: 6Jul, 6Jul, 6Jul, 17Aug (Total: 4)
dbrooks32: 27Feb (Total: 2)
debwill: 9Mar (Total: 1)
Deltadawn: 6Jul (Total: 1)
dianna727: 10Jan (Total: 1)
dis4me: 26Jan, 17Aug, 27Oct, 27Oct (Total: 4)
disaster: 11Nov (Total: 1)
disdoit: 13Mar, 3Aug (Total: 2)
disdvc92: 8Jan, 21May, 30May, 26Jun (Total: 4)
disney dumbo: 11Nov (Total: 1)
Disney4metoo: 30Oct (Total: 1)
Disney54us: 3Jun, 31Jul, 11Sep (Total: 4)
disney62: 30Jun (Total: 1)
disney65: 3Feb, 3Jun, 31Aug, 9Oct (Total: 4)
disneyberry: 14May, 27May, 27Aug (Total: 3)
disneybride09: 17Mar (Total: 1)
disneychick: 18May, 30Jun, 6Jul (Total: 3)
DisneyDad4Daughters: 12Jan (Total: 1)
disneydawn: 17Mar (Total: 1)
DisneyDiva1160: 18Feb, 21Mar, 17Apr, 15May (Total: 4)
DisneyDivas: 6Apr (Total: 1)
disneyeve: 11Nov, 7Dec (Total: 2)
disneygirls: reposted same ad; did not wait for moderation; did not read rules
disneyguy: 29Jan, 3Mar (Total: 2)
DisneyLeah: 11Feb (Total: 1) Asking $17pp
disneylogic: 25Feb, 25Feb (Total: 2)
disneymember06: 3Aug, 19Aug, 3Dec, 3Dec (Total: 4)
disneymom122813: 2Sep (Total: 1)
disneynana06: 14Oct, 17Oct, 3Nov (Total: 3)
disneyowner06: 31Jul (Total: 1)
Disneyrus: 25Feb, 25Feb (Total: 2)
dizdadandcindy2: 10Apr (Total: 1)
Djackman: 15Jan (Total: 1)
Djohn06: 22Jun, 24Jul, 13Oct, 11Dec (Total: 4)
dkcarter: 8Sep (Total: 1)
dlboss: 23Oct (Total: 1) doesn't close threads properly
DNA068: 20Oct (Total: 1) doesn't close threads properly despite being advised of it.
docsbabydoll1224: 21Apr (Total: 1)
Dogface: 6Jan, 9Mar (Total: 2)
DoleWhipped: 7Jan (Total: 1)
DonaldDuck2014: 27Oct (Total: 1)
donnav025: 1Apr (Total: 1)
Dougpt10: 17Feb (Total: 1)
Dsney4me: 3Feb (Total: 1)
drchauvin: 17Mar (Total: 1)
dsnycrzy76: 12Jan (Total: 1)
dustylaroo: 25Feb (Total: 1)
dvc tink: 3Feb (Total: 1)
DVC_Razorback: 21Jan (Total: 1)
DVC Dena: 21Sep (Total: 1)
DVC Doctor: 11Sep (Total: 2-3)
DVC YODERS: 25May (Total: 1)
dvc2rent: 27Jul, 31Jul (Total: 3)
dvcajun: 13Apr, 19May (Total: 2)
DVCERSINCEDAY1: 13Jan, 3Mar, 13Apr, 15May, 16Jun, 27Jul, 27Aug, 8Sep (Total: 10)
DvcGrandCA: 16May (Total: 1)
dvcjag: 18Feb, 27Feb (Total: 2)
DVCJAMM4: 21Feb (Total: 1)
DVCmember2001: 17Feb, 21Feb, 21Feb (Total: 4) added additional res to existing ad
dvcmouse: 13Jan, 17Feb, 7Apr, 19May (Total: 4)
DVCPen6: 31Mar (Total: 1)
DVCQUEEN: 22Feb, 25Feb, 2Mar, 21Aug, 23Nov, 27Nov (Total: 6)
DVCSue: 5Jan, 27Feb, 3Jun, 14Nov, 23Nov (Total: 5)
dvctrader: 10Jul (Total: 2)
dwarren: 13Mar, 7Dec (Total: 2)

eduveen: 21Aug (Total: 1)
EEGRAM: 14Sep (Total: 1)
Eeyore Tattoo: 7Dec (Total: 1)
Egs250: 13Jun (Total: 1)
eileenkeeney: 30Nov (Total: 1)
elcid3: 6Mar (Total: 1)
Elizabeth226: 10Dec (Total: 1)
ellendonnelly: 9Jan, 13Mar, 21Apr, 13Jun, 28Jul, 27Oct (Total: 8)
ellie: 31Jul (Total: 1)
Emmahattiejacob: 1Oct (Total: 1)
emtnannie: 7Feb (Total: 1)
encacjt: 22Sep (Total: 1) doesn't close threads properly
Epcot Gal: 6Apr (Total: 1)
EPCOTin1986: 6Jul (Total: 1)
epcotkids: 28Aug (Total: 1)
erinbrooks33: 1Nov (Total: 1)
ermindy1133: 27Jul (Total: 1)
espana94: 29May (Total: 1)

fairysaddle: 1Aug (Total: 1)
FAITHOMAS: 23Jun, 17Aug, 22Oct (Total: 3) double posts in res & transf
fancinan: 2Mar, 2Nov (Total: 2)
farbuckles: 10Jan (Total: 1)
Felicia: 14Jan, 26Jan, 3Feb, 25Feb, 27Feb, 27May (Total: 8) godisney1 DONE
fgenua: 19Feb (Total: 1)
fiji87: 31Jul (Total: 1)
fjshemer91: 26Jan (Total: 1)
fkj2: 21Mar, 1Oct, 23Nov (Total: 3)
Fletch2005: 28Sep (Total: 1)
florence: 19Aug (Total: 1)
floridasunshine: 26Jan, 29Jan (Total: 4) repeat next day and again
Fmer55: 14Jan, 8Dec (Total: 2)
forgop: 30Aug, 16Sep (Total: 2) double posts in two forums, doesn't close threads properly. Done.
franwin47: 10Apr, 15May, 15May (Total: 3)
Funantiques: 5Jan, 26Jan, 5Feb, 6Mar, 6Apr, 15Jun, 4Aug, 4Sep, 16Sep, 23Nov (Total: 10)
fw1977: 3Feb (Total: 1) Doesn't close threads properly

gaphano4451: 14Oct (Total: 1)
garlandfarm: 9Mar, 13Mar (Total: 2)
gemmaphilly: 9Oct (Total: 1)
Ghost Host: 27May (Total: 1)
GiantsNiners11: 8Jan (Total: 1)
GINNJ: 14Jan (Total: 1)
gloubibou: 21Apr (Total: 1)
gmi3804: 26Jan (Total: 1)
GoMickey: 17Feb (Total: 1) 500
goldilocks_63: 14Jan, 27May, 17Aug, 14Sep, 21Sep (Total: 5)
goofy0618: 27Mar (Total: 1)
Goofy583: 7Jan, 19Feb, 23Jun, 23Jun, 27Aug, 21Sep (Total: 10) 1200BWV, 1200OKW DONE
Goofygrl: 5Feb (Total: 1)
Goofynewtons: 3Jun, 14Sep, 3Dec (Total: 3)
goofytink: 21Feb (Total: 3)
greg4316: 18May (Total: 1)
gripp35: 21Sep (Total: 1)

hampton: 26Jan (Total: 1)
HeadieMouse: 14Mar, 7Apr, 3Jun (Total: 3)
hellogirl: 26Jan (Total: 2) repeat next day
heybhouse: 14Apr (Total: 1) doesn't close threads at all
hillbilly1170: 26Jun (Total: 1) idiot who doesn't read posting rules
Hogzilla: 3Jun, 27Jul (Total: 2)
Hookedonwdw: 2Nov (Total: 1)
HomeMadePizza: 23Sep (Total: 1)
Homer G.: 17Feb (Total: 1)
horselvr: 31Jul (Total: 1)
howardlee2: 24Jun, 27Jul (Total: 2)
hvmdvc: 1Oct (Total: 1)

icephoenix25: 25Sep (Total: 1)
icydog: 27Nov (Total: 2)
igboo1: 20Jan (Total: 1)
IloveVacation: 13Aug (Total: 1)
iluvthsgam: 26Jan, 17Mar (Total: 2) tries to put three ads in one
iluvwdw: 27Jul, 27Jul (Total: 3)
Innovention: 13Aug, 13Aug (Total: 2)
isos24: 4Aug (Total: 1)
isyne4u: 21Apr (Total: 1)

Jaakers87: 9Sep (Total: 1) doesn't close threads properly
Jack5681: 7Feb, 20Feb (Total: 2) Same points
Jacob37738: 8Aug, 27Aug (Total: 2)
Jacob'sMommy: 27Jul (Total: 1)
jakespop: 9Oct (Total: 1)
jandcwicker: 28Aug (Total: 1)
JandD Mom: 19Aug (Total: 1)
jaydog11: 10Dec (Total: 1)
Jayroo38: 9Oct, 13Dec (Total: 2)
jeffledrew: 16Sep (Total: 1)
Jeffrey White: 23Oct (Total: 1)
jennifersaxe: 2Sep, 2Sep (Total: 2)
JES123: 31Aug, 14Nov (Total: 2)
Jesse011: 25Nov (Total: 1)
jetteblue: 14Oct (Total: 1)
jfagan8: 10Apr (Total: 1)
jhester: 5Jan (Total: 1)
jillfelice: 30Oct (Total: 1) doesn't close threads properly
jimfitz7: 28Sep (Total: 1)
JJJBDISNEY: 24Mar (Total: 1)
jjonesz: 22Jun (Total: 1)
jmkeeku: 19Aug, 19Aug (Total: 2)
jmmess: 11Dec (Total: 1)
joeyrufmc @ me. com: 17Apr (Total: 1)
John.jean2: 15Jun, 17Jun, 22Jun (Total: 3)
johnnywiz7: 28May (Total: 1)
johnsonville5: 3Feb, 2Mar, 13Apr, 30Nov (Total: 5)
jscjross: 27Jul, 23Sep (Total: 2)
jumlauf: 23May, 19Aug (Total: 2) doesn't close threads
jumpshot_3: 5Jan (Total: 1)
jvecin: 13Apr (Total: 1)
jyeabower @ yahoo .com: 26Jun (Total: 1)

kaitlynalex: 27Feb (Total: 1)
kamullan: 11Sep (Total: 2)
kanndykane: 6Jan, 3Jun (Total: 2) reposted instead of bumping thread; banned 15Mar
karli0917: 20Jan (Total: 1)
Karlie: 13Jun (Total: 1)
karrab: 27Feb (Total: 1)
katecline: 22Jan (Total: 1)
KateyBC: 29Sep (Total: 1)
KatitaDisney: 29Jan (Total: 1)
kboone15: 20Feb (Total: 1)
kddlm4@verizon.net: 29Jan (Total: 1)
kemdllog: 28Sep (Total: 1)
KenK: 11Feb (Total: 1)
kfrost1: 8Jan, 18Feb, 21Mar, 21Apr, 18May, 23Jun (Total: 6)
kimlooman: 7Dec (Total: 1)
Kimmy42188: 26Oct (Total: 1)
Kinneri: 3Feb, 3Feb, 3Feb, 17Feb, 17Feb (Total: 5) Does not close threads properly; makes me look for it
Kirtland-BLTers: 23Jun (Total: 1)
Kjackson12: 26Jun, 6Jul (Total: 2)
kkesselm: 21Mar (Total: 1)
kmanhb: 30Nov (Total: 1)
Kogerc34: 28Mar (Total: 1)
krissyb88: 9Mar (Total: 1)
kristenen: 8Apr (Total: 1)
kscottpa: 27Aug (Total: 1)
Kymm1111: 21Apr, 14May (Total: 2)
kyrius1: 14Oct (Total: 1)

lafogg: 5Feb, 9Feb (Total: 2)
land5868: 9Jul (Total: 1)
larryambrosi: 26Mar (Total: 1)
Laura Pfundstein: 6Aug, 28Aug (Total: 2)
Lauralap: 19Aug (Total: 1)
laurief3: 17Feb, 21Apr (Total: 2)
lawrukm: 9Jul (Total: 1)
lcras: 25Sep (Total: 1)
ldk1193: 28Jan, 28Jan, 29Jan, 30Jan, 13Apr (Total: 6) keeps reposting same ad for different prices
lily28: 6Jan, 6Jul, 6Jul (Total: 3) asks ~$20ppt
linbyers: 8Sep, 25Sep, 13Oct , 25Nov (Total: 4)
Lindsay L: 16Jan (Total: 1)
Lisa: 17Nov (Total: 1)
LisaHope: 6Jan (Total: 1)
LIteacher: 23Jul (Total: 1)
littleprincess: 18Mar (Total: 1)
livinginthemountains: 26Jan (Total: 1)
LMBennett10: 13Mar, 17Mar (Total: 2)
lolaiba: 13Aug; 3Sep (Total: 2) doesn't close threads properly
Loro: 4Feb, 25Feb, 26Mar, 13Aug (Total: 4)
loudisneyfan: 25Nov (Total: 1)
lovestotravel2015: 21Jan (Total: 1) Banned; re-registered after banning
lovindisney: 2Apr (Total: 1)
LSZFagan: 5Jan (Total: 1)
luckykadm: 11Feb (Total: 1)
Lucy D.: 10Jan, 29May (Total: 3)
LuvAKV: 23Jul (Total: 1)
LvnDsnyInMS: 10Jan (Total: 1)

m1chael1414: 28Mar (Total: 1) doesn't wait, double posts, wk-wk 2/6-13
maburke: 11Dec (Total: 1)
macleary: 16May, 6Aug (Total: 4)
macosx: 3Jun (Total: 1)
madimaeolson: 31Mar (Total: 1)
malikguy: 20May (Total: 1)
Margie Gray: 13Jun (Total: 1)
maricona: 26Jan (Total: 1)
Married to Grumpy: 16Jan (Total: 1)
marydz: 1Jul (Total: 1)
Mary Ellen: 7Jan (Total: 1)
mariacaranda: idiot who posts rental in "wanted" forum. Twice.
marlinchasr: 9Sep (Total: 2) doesn't read/understand posting rules.
marymouse: 17Apr, 17Apr, 17Apr (Total: 3)
maternla: 21Apr, 13Dec, 13Dec (Total: 3)
MattCarverDVC: 14Apr (Total: 1)
mattpb1: 4Aug (Total: 1)
MATTYSMOMMY: 9Nov (Total: 1) doesn't close threads properly
mbakun: 16Nov (Total: 1)
Mbarnick: 5Feb (Total: 1)
MBSoles: 28Jan, 2(Jan (Total: 3) repost next day in additional category
mcdub14: 10Dec (Total: 1)
mdphilips: 23Nov (Total: 1)
Meaghanqt: 7Feb (Total: 1)
Medictek: 8Sep (Total: 1)
Meeska Mooska: 26Jan (Total: 1)
Meghanqt: 7Jan, 7Feb, 17Feb, 17Feb (Total: 4)
MelisaV713: 20Jan (Total: 1)
MelMike: 6Jul (Total: 1)
Mereblitzianity: 9Mar (Total: 1)
MeTink: 30May (Total: 2)
MeyerNJ: 12Jan, 12Jan, 12Jan, 3Feb, 3Feb, 11Feb, 17Mar, 17Mar (Total: 10) [2 in 1 - twice] 3 in one, including prohibited ad, edited for more points, prohibited ad. DONE
mghermann: 14Apr (Total: 1)
mglg5: 13Mar, 17Apr (Total: 2)
mhartman1976: 8Jan, 19Feb, 1Apr, 13Oct (Total: 4)
micepace42: 6Apr, 19Oct (Total: 1)
michaeltrim: 6Nov, 23Nov, 23Nov (Total: 3)
michelleB: 2Sep (Total: 1) doesn't close threads properly
mickeeleigh: 7Jan, 14Jan (Total: 2) 160VGC
Mickey64: 21Aug (Total: 1)
mickeymark9: 28May (Total: 2)
mickeymouse1999: 12Jan (Total: 1) does not close threads properly
MickeysChicagoPals: 11Feb (Total: 6) Reposts 3 times in different forums; clearly doesn't read posting rules!
Mike Pinckney: 3Oct (Total: 1)
Mike G: 9Jan, 2Sep (Total: 2)
mikemouse: 3Feb, 6Oct, 9Nov (Total: 6)
mindenflyer: 7Jan (Total: 1)
miramfamily: 24Mar (Total: 1)
MisterO23: 6Apr (Total: 1)
mjr93: 19Feb, 21Mar, 23May, 6Jul, 7Aug (Total: 8)
mmm33: 25Jun, 6Aug (Total: 2)
mom-n-pop42: 23Sep (Total: 1)
mommacat56: 9Oct, 22Oct (Total: 2)
MommaJ: 19Oct (Total: 2)
Mommy2g2b: 6Jul, 14Oct, 21Oct, 22Oct (Total: 4)
Momof4princesses: 16Dec (Total: 1)
monti: 7Jan (Total: 1)
moran66: 28Aug (Total: 1)
morelop: 30Jan, 6Mar, 13Mar, 13Oct, 13Dec (Total: 7) Posted in "for rent" AND in "trades wanted."
mossmommy2: 21Oct, 20Nov (Total: 2)
mousefan1972: 14May (Total: 1)
MouseforDD: 29Jan, 13Apr, 5Oct, 9Dec (Total: 4)
MouseHouse7: 7Dec (Total: 1)
mowog: 9Mar (Total: 1)
moxiesteph: 15May, 10Nov (Total: 3) does not respond to inquiries
Mpattjones: 25Jun (Total: 1)
mpm247: 23Mar (Total: 1)
mpoirier61: 8Jan, 20Jan (Total: 3) Triple post in two forums. Done.
mshackle88: 3Nov (Total: 1)
MRSTGCV: 3Mar (Total: 1)
MrToad_at_BLT: 21Mar (Total: 1)
mskelly: 20Jan, 3Dec (Total: 2)
msr: 17Dec (Total: 1)
Mtammons: 13Jan (Total: 1)
MulanDVC: 1Apr, 20May, 6Aug, 21Sep (Total: 4)
murfy456: 7Feb, 13Mar (Total: 3)
my4mouses: 24Mar (Total: 2)
MyDVC: 17Mar (Total: 1)
mydvcpoints: 31Jul, 3Sep, 22Oct (Total: 3)
mygreatkid0123: 9Nov (Total: 1)
Mylife1077: 9Jan, 21Feb (Total: 2) does not close threads properly

nakraza: 30Jan, 30Jan, 21Mar, 11Nov, 11Nov (Total: 6)
NCfamily5: 22Oct, 3Dec (Total: 2)
ncgeorgia03: 31Mar (Total: 1)
neil0722: 20Jan (Total: 1)
neutch: 21Apr (Total: 1)
Niclo2: 1Jul (Total: 1)
njdisnj: 29Jan (Total: 1)
nocknock: 3Feb, 22Jun (Total: 2)
nomad: 26Jan, 24Mar (Total: 2)
noneal: 21May, 27Jul, 25Sep (Total: 3)
norm&linda: 8Sep, 14Sep, 1Oct, 19Oct, 20Nov (Total: 5)
nova_1997: 10Jul, 10Jul (Total: 2)
Nuala Eby: 6Nov (Total: 1) doesn't close threads properly
nuthut: 17Mar (Total: 1)
Nutsy: 25Sep (Total: 1)

OhioDVC: 20May (Total: 1)
okkie: 29Jan (Total: 1)
OlafandSven: 21Sep (Total: 1)
OldGrizzly57: 21Feb, 25Oct (Total: 2)
Olga: 3Feb (Total: 1)
OneGrumpyBob: 2Mar (Total: 1)
onthelabel: 21Mar (Total: 1)
Opie100: 13Jan, 3Dec (Total: 2)
OriginalGodzilla: 17Feb (Total: 1)
orioles2012: 27Nov (Total: 1)
oswaldislucky: 9Jan, 10Sep, 20Oct (Total: 5)

p182cessna: 17Apr (Total: 1)
palmer03827: XCH
patticake: 19Oct, 29Oct (Total: 2) doesn't close threads properly
PeatryJ: 7Jan, 17Feb, 17Mar, 17Apr (Total: 4)
perfectyears: 10Nov (Total: 1)
phinsfan: 14Jan, 17Feb, 21Apr, 23May (Total: 5)
Pick: 6Apr (Total: 1)
pinkpumps: 15Jan (Total: 1)
pixelshuman: 7Apr, 13Aug (Total: 2)
platanito: 20Aug (Total: 1)
Pluto8: 20Jan (Total: 1)
poster44: 27Feb, 23Mar, 3Aug (Total: 4) asks >$17ppt
Poton754: 17Apr (Total: 1)
Prestonator: 17Feb (Total: 1)
Prettynpink: 31Jul (Total: 1)
Psgo4it: 9Jan (Total: 1)
Puffles: 29Oct (Total: 1)
pun5717: 18Feb, 17Aug (Total: 3) does not close threads properly
pwertz: 31Jul (Total: 1)
pwolf_2nd: 18May (Total: 1)


raddoc: 20Jan (Total: 1)
railman83: 14Sep (Total: 1)
rambler63: 23Apr (Total: 1)
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