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Old 01-11-2016, 01:47 PM   #1
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Default Rental ads by member -- 2016

~MandR~: 5Feb, 19Feb (Total: 2)
1charmedlife: 12Jan (Total: 1)
1mini1: 13Aug (Total: 3)
1975hoss: 12Apr, 26Apr, 6May (Total: 3)
2tnvols: 24Aug (Total: 2)
4disneyfun: 12Jan, 1Feb, 4May, 14Jun, 20Jul, 27Jul, 18Oct, 13Dec (Total: 8)
4hclub: 10Feb (Total: 1)
4my2boys: 31Jan, 19Oct (Total: 2)
60thbday@disney: 25Jul (Total: 1)

a1000monkeys: 5Mar, 8Mar, 10Aug (Total: 4)
acyy: 18May (Total: 1)
agbmom: 11Jul (Total: 1)
albumlover: 17Jan (Total: 1)
Aaaboys1654: 29Jan (Total: 2)
aayala393: 1Dec (Total: 1)
afeerick: 10Feb (Total: 1)
agentemily007: 14Feb, 22Aug (Total: 2)
ajr: 5Mar, 17May, 29Nov (Total: 3)
AKGoldstein: 21Dec (Total: 3)
albumlover: 3Nov, 12Nov, 12Nov (Total: 7)
alewk1: 23Jan (Total: 1)
All Smiles: 23Jan (Total: 1)
alohalilo: 15Sep, 17Sep (Total: 2)
Amdjobob: 5Sep (Total: 2)
amgroeger: 24Oct, 12Nov (Total: 2)
amyhensley007: 28Aug (Total: 1)
anesthesia17: 12Sep (Total: 1)
Angel: 13Aug, 21Sep (Total: 2)
Angel1123: 30Jun, 30Jun (Total: 2)
AnnetteSC: 21Dec (Total: 1)
araffle: banned
Arthurcourtright: 15Mar (Total: 6)
arunnels2: 28Jun (Total: 1)
Asquarred: 19Sep (Total: 2)
auntb: 19Sep (Total: 3) reposts same ad in difft forum on next day
awilliams4: 11Oct (Total: 1)
awoodward322: 20May, 19Jul (Total: 2)

babygurl: 21Nov (Total: 1)
babymickeypreteenmouse: 17Aug, 19Dec (Total: 3)
Bacon and Brooklyn: 1Feb, 9Aug, 9Sep (Total: 3)
baylake09: 12Jan (Total: 2)
bbiehn: 19Mar, 1Dec (Total: 2)
BBMouse: 16Feb (Total: 1)
bchug: 6Apr (Total: 1)
bcvbove: 7Dec (Total: 1)
Be happy: 28Oct (Total: 1)
belding4: 15Jan, 9Nov (Total: 2)
Bella521: 12Jan, 3Mar (Total: 2)
Bhowle00: 14Oct, 27Oct (Total: 2)
Bill_McIntyre: 21Jan, 1Dec (Total: 2)
billg14: 12Sep, 7Oct, 17Oct (Total: 3)
BestDadEver: 21May (Total: 1)
BJacobs: 4Jul (Total: 1)
blt9664: 20Jan (Total: 1)
blueeyes14: 29Jul, 7Sep (Total: =2)
Bmwdsny: 20Jun (Total: 1)
BoardwalkFun57: 29Jul (Total: 1)
BoardwalkNJ: 29Jul (Total: 1)
BobParr: 21Jul, 12Sep, 11Oct (Total: 4)
bobptl: 9Mar (Total: 3)
brightlittlestar: 2Mar (Total: 1)
Broker: 9Sep (Total: 1)
bryonbowman922: 19Aug (Total: 2)
busters_eyes: 18Jul, 27Jul (Total: 2)
buzzandzurg: 24May, 25Jul (Total: 2)
bwang123: 2Jun (Total: 1)
bweiss1: 15Jun, 16Jun, 16Jun (Total: 3)
BWV Dreamin: 31Aug (Total: 1)

cali09: 11Oct, 14Oct (Total: 2)
Camclaycole: 11Jul, 12Nov (Total: 2)
CamsMommy0209: 4May, 7Oct (Total: 2)
Canadian Disney Mom: 15Jan, 23Jan, 26Jan, 6Sep, 12Sep, 17Sep, 1Oct (Total: 7)
CandanceLF: 1Oct, 13Oct (Total: 2)
CapeCoddersDownSouth: 8Dec, 8Dec, 8Dec (Total: 3)
CaptJack: 11Oct, 16Nov (Total: 4)
Caren90: 5Feb (Total: 3)
cargo905: 16Feb (Total: 1)
Casint: 12Apr, 6Oct (Total: 2)
ceroberts5141: 11Aug, 27Oct (Total: 2)
cgainer: 7Nov (Total: 1)
cgrieger: 11Jul, 17Aug, 7Sep, 19Oct (Total: 4)
CharG: 8May (Total: 1)
Chari910: 18Feb, 18Feb (Total: 3)
Charsha1: 6Apr (Total: 1)
chawk87: 12Apr (Total: 1)
Chbishop: 30May (Total: 1)
CheeZ: 28Aug (Total: 1)
Chere: 13Dec (Total: 2)
Chester: 5May, 5May, 27May, 21Nov (Total: 7)
choifel: 4Feb (Total: 1)
Chris Gdanski: 5Aug, 30Aug (Total: 2)
ChrisandMels: 3Feb, 7Feb (Total: 6) double post in two different forums
chukdotcom: 13Jan (Total: 1)
cinderella4559: 19Dec (Total: 1)
CindyG: 18Nov, 21Nov (Total: 2) altered ads to be same
cindyp: 19Feb, 26Feb, 18Oct, 24Oct, 2Dec (Total: 5)
cjcallahan: 4Oct (Total: 1)
cjkmiller: 4Mar (Total: 1)
Clemson Fan: 29Feb, 1Oct (Total: 3)
Cmmarkins: 26Sep (Total: 2)
cmmveronica: 9Feb (Total: 1)
cmrdgrs: 2May, 28Jun (Total: 2)
coachchili: 20Jul (Total: 3) 2 plus penalty
coachlala: 6Dec (Total: 1)
Collins404: 1Dec (Total: 1)
coluccc: 17)ct (Total: 1)
conandrob240: 6Apr (Total: 1)
Copper68: 14Oct, 21Nov (Total: 2)
Corey: 6Sep (Total: 1)
Corinalynn: 13Aug, 28Sep, 14Nov, 13Dec (Total: 8)
CPTROBBIE: 1Sep, 1Sep, 28Sep (Total: 4)
cradi24: 16May, 21May (Total: 3)
Cramdog23: 16Jun, 11Jul (Total: 3) double posts within 24 hours
crewsline: 19Mar, 24Mar, 22Apr, 30Jun, 13Oct, 5Nov, 12Nov (Total: 8)
Crystalcav: 21Mar, 6Apr (Total: 2)
csmoore1808: 20Oct (Total: 1)
Csylvia: 26Jan, 6Dec (Total: 2)
culli: 6Apr, 25Apr, 17Jun, 20Jun, 28Jun, 27Jul, 27Jul (Total: 7)
cvrapclark: 18Aug (Total: 1)
cwinder: 15Mar (Total: 1)
CWW17: 21Nov (Total: 3)
cynthiasuzanne: 12Feb, 4May, 10May (Total: 3)
cz4ever: 3Oct, 2Nov, 15Nov (Total: 5)

D&MourDVC: 7Nov (Total: 10)
D1sneym@gic: 3Mar (Total: 1)
d47goog: 15Nov (Total: 3)
danenrox: 23Apr, 11Jun, 26Sep, 7Dec (Total: 4)
dangermouse: 22May (Total: 1)
Dare2Dream2009: 3Feb, 11Mar, 24Aug, 5Sep, 14Oct, 15Nov, 7Dec (Total: 7)
Dave_s.: 14Jun (Total: 1)
Dave & Susan: 6Apr (Total: 1)
David Koenig: 12Jan (Total: 1)
dblaszkajr: 20May, 23May (Total: 2)
dctanzola: 27Apr (Total: 1)
Dewy: 19Feb (Total: 1)
disaster: 11Jan (Total: 1)
Disney Diva: 23Feb (Total: 1)
Disney_Bride201302: 14Oct (Total: 1)
Disney54us: 28Sep (Total: 1)
disney65: 18Jul (Total: 1)
disney99: 19Jul (Total: 1)
disneyalways: 6Jun (Total: 1)
DisneyBear: 5Aug, 24Aug, 24Dec (Total: 5)
disneyberry: 16Jun, 11Jul, 20Jul, 20Jul (Total: 4)
Disneybride 2014: 4Jul (Total: 1)
disneychick: 27May (Total: 1)
disneydonnam: 26Jan, 12Nov (Total: 2)
disneygirls: 19Jan, 31Jan, 10Feb, 16Feb (Total: 6) reposts instead of bumping
disneyguy: 12Jan, 29Feb, 6Apr, 4May, 10Jun (Total: 9) goes back and edits for more points; double posts in sep forums
dis4me: 28Aug, 6Dec, 6Dec (Total: 3)
Disneygal24: 6Oct (Total: 1)
disneyismagical: 13Dec (Total: 1)
disneylogic: 17Jan (Total: 2) Done
DisneyMcFamily: 16Dec (Total: 2)
disneymember06: 20Jan, 116Feb (Total: 2)
disneyprincess87: 17May, 24May (Total: 4) reposts r/t ad after two hours in t/o forum; apparently not quick enough for her; doesn't close threads properly
disneyyes: 14Nov, 14Nov (Total: 3)
dizdadandcindy2: 31Jan (Total: 1)
DizKrazKate: 16Dec (Total: 1)
diznydiva99: 25Aug, 1Sep, 9Sep, 9Sep, 9Sep, 24Sep, 1Oct (Total: 7) doesn't close threads properly; done
Djackman: 18Jan (Total: 1)
Djohn06: 8Nov, 14Nov (Total: 2)
dlboss: 27Apr (Total: 2)
dlynn1017: 16Feb (Total: 1)
Don McCluskey: 12Aug, 20Sep (Total: 2)
donna_walt: 7Feb, 9Feb, 9Feb, 5May (Total: 10) DONE
durand: 16Feb, 19Feb, 9Mar (Total: 5) reposts next day; doesn't read rules
dreammakermom: 28Aug (Total: 1)
droopycool: 26Sep (Total: 1)
durango: 18Aug (Total: 1)
DVC4ALL: 5Sep (Total: 1)
DVCfreak: 18Oct (Total: 1)
DVC Doctor: 27Apr (Total: 8) Reposted instead of bumping
DVC Nicholas: 7Jun (Total: 1)
DVC Nigel: 2Mar, 12Apr, 9Aug, 22Sep (Total: 10+) Done
DVC Yoders: 13Aug, 15Sep, 1Nov (Total: 5)
dvc1991plus1: 14May (Total: 1)
dvc1992: $19ppt, 5Sep (Total: 2)
dvc2rent: 30Jun, 17Aug, 19Aug, 27Oct, 3Nov, 7Nov, 23Nov (Total: 9)
DVC4ALL: asking $25ppt
dvcajun: 9Mar, 12Apr (Total: 2)
DVCERSINCEDAY1: 11Jan, 5Feb, 12Feb, 16Feb, 7Mar, 24Mar, 6May, 13Jun, 29Jul, 29Aug (Total: 10)
DVCFan1998: 14May, 14May, 16May, 6Jun, 11Jul (Total: 5)
dvcmouse: 9May, 14Aug (Total: 2)
DVCPen6: 8May, 12Sep, 20Sep (Total: 3)
DVCSue: 23Apr, 23 Apr, 2Jun, 16Nov (Total: 6)
DVCQUEEN: 2May, 27Jul, 29Jul, 1Nov, 4Dec (Total: 5)
dvctrader: 25Apr, 13Dec (Total: 7)
dwarren: 25Apr (Total: 1)

e46m3: 12Jan (Total: 1)
echeung: 30Jun, 7Sep (Total: 2)
Eileloc: 12Nov, 21Dec (Total: 2)
ellendonnelly: 19Feb, 25Jul, 2Sep, 13Oct (Total: 4)
Elsa3: 13Jul (Total: 2)
Emmahattiejacob: 17Aug (Total: 1)
emorton+91: 6Apr (Total: 1)
encacjt: 22Aug (Total: 1)
Enna: 8Apr (Total: 1)
erbesjohn: 17Sep (Total: 1)
ericarae1024: 21Jun (Total: 1)
evdrist: 12Apr, 14May, 3Aug, 17Aug (Total: 4) REPOSTS on 8/17 even though bumped 8/3 post on 8/16!!! WTF?
Eyemalive: 13Jan (Total: 1)

FAITHOMAS: 6Nov (Total: 1)
Fancinan: 2Feb, 9Feb, 28Sep, 8Nov, 13Dec (Total: 7)
FauntleroyDuck: 10May, 28Aug (Total: 2)
fgenua: 1Mar (Total: 1)
fishface: 6Apr, 26Apr (Total: 6) repeats post instead of bumping
fjshemer91: 3Mar (Total: 1)
fkj2: 26Feb, 15Mar, 1Dec, 9Dec (Total: 4)
florence: 4Oct, 12Nov (Total: 3)
flyingdragonslayer: 9Sep, 5Oct, 7Nov (Total: 3)
frank808: 19Sep (Total: 1)
freddyejeanne: 11Oct, 12Nov (Total: 2)
Frolic1: 28Aug (Total: 1)
Funantiques: 12Jan, 29Feb, 29Feb, 15Mar, 12Nov (Total: 5)
fw1977: 2Feb (Total: 1)

Gearhead: 24Apr (Total: 1)
GeorgeW: 17May (Total: 1)
gfreud: 27Oct, 21Nov, 7Dec, 13Dec (Total: 8) DONE
Ghost Host: 16Jan (Total: 1)
ghs724: 9Aug, 18Aug (Total: 4)
GiantsNiners11: 26Jan, 26Feb, 11Jul, 29Jul, 1Oct (Total: 5)
gina.yel: 2May (Total: 1)
GINNJ: 21Jan (Total: 1)
GKastoff: 28Aug (Total: 1)
GlenvilleMini: 6Apr (Total: 1)
gmboy95: 24Feb, 6Apr, 12May (Total: 3)
goldilocks_63: 24Mar, 25Apr, 20Jul, 27Jul, 23Aug, 15Sep, 1Dec (Total: 8)
golfer1204: 12Jan (Total: 1)
goofy583: 19Jul (Total: 3)
Goofygrl: 19Sep, 7Oct (Total: 2)
goofynewtons: 6Dec (Total: 1)
goofytobs: 12Apr, 22Apr (Total: 2)
greg4316: 27Jan, 31Jan, 14Dec (Total: 3)
gregoryccc: 15Mar, 19Mar (Total: 3)

helenekb: 9Feb (Total: 1)
helloconnie: 8Mar, 23Mar (Total: 2)
hemisphere312: 3Feb (Total: 1)
Herders: 7Oct (Total: 2)
hhifan87: 14Jun (Total: 1)
hillbilly1170: 2Nov (Total: 2)
horselvr: 16Mar (Total: 1)
howardlee2: 13Dec (Total: 1)
hsayed: 6Dec (Total: 1)

icydog: 5Nov (Total: 1)
iluvdisney1967: 11Jul, 6Sep, 20Sep (Total: 4) doubleposts same points
iampatsfan12: 9Sep
imjedi76: 31Aug (Total: 1)
iluvdisney1967: 4Oct (Total: 1)
iluvthisgam: 1Nov, 1Nov, 7Nov (Total: 3)
INDY: 3Feb (Total: 1)
irazabul: 26Jan (Total: 1)
IRISHGRANDAD: 18Jan (Total: 1)
ironman: 22Oct (Total: 1)
Irvaz: 1Apr (Total: 1)

Jack5681: 6Apr (Total: 1)
JammerDC: 15Jan, 1Dec (Total: 2)
Jay324: 16Mar (Total: 1)
jadevore: 29May (Total: 1)
JandD Mom: 1Aug, 9Sep (Total: 2)
JasonF1975: 27Jul, 9Aug (Total: 2)
jaydog11: 12Jan, 13Oct (Total: 2)
Jayroo38: 31Jan (Total: 1)
jbro220: 5May, 3Oct (Total: 4)
JCR: 31Jan (Total: 1)
JDChrisFamily: 9Feb (Total: 1)
jdean: 10Jun, 10Jun (Total: 4)
Jeffrey White: 2Mar (Total: 1)
jekjones1558: 21Nov (Total: 1)
jennifer_anne12: 28Jun (Total: 1)
jennwehr: 1Jun (Total: 1)
jerseygirl82: 4Dec (Total: 1)
JerseyTQ: 19Jul (Total: 1)
JessChris: 27Jan, 6Jul, 25Jul, 27Jul, 24Aug, 26Sep, 3Oct, 21Oct (Total: Done)
jimbo5220: 12Nov (Total: 1)
jls886: 12Apr, 24Apr, 6Jun (Total: 3)
jmharning: 28Sep (Total: 2)
jmklingaman: 20May, 11Jul, 28Aug (Total: 3)
jmmess: 11Jan, 6Apr, 2Jun (Total: 3)
jnarvaez: 23Apr (Total: 1)
jnjayhawk: 21Feb (Total: 2)
jnrrt: 13Jan (Total: 1)
jodo98: 6Apr (Total: 1)
JoeStark: 23Mar, 12May, 22Jun (Total: 10) DONE (also posts in two forums)
joeyrufmc@me.com: 6Jun, 11Jul (Total: 2)
john alder: 21Jan, 20Jun, 13Oct, 21Dec (Total: 4)
John V3: 7Mar, 13Mar (Total: 2)
John.jean2: 17Aug, 19Aug, 19Sep (Total: 3)
johnsonville5: 15Jan (Total: 1)
JordanSinclair: 21Jan (Total: 2)
Joshua0223: 16Feb (Total: 1)
jrm1504: 13Dec (Total: 1)
jrpull: 29May, 14Aug (Total: 2)
jstse: 10Feb (Total: 1)
jthakkar: 19Sep (Total: 4)
jtslytown: 26Sep (Total: 1)
JustAMouse: 26Jan (Total: 4)
jwissner: 19Jul (Total: 1)

kamullan: 18Jan, 2Sep, 14Oct, 1Dec (Total: 8) double posts instead of bumping
Karlie: 6Jun (Total: 1)
Kasperka: 15Sep (Total: 1)
kath_kay: 18Nov (Total: 1)
kdzgon: 5Sep (Total: 1)
kehau794: 26Sep (Total: 4) Oops: nope. Price gouge
KelKat: 19Oct (Total: 1)
kgv52: 21Feb, 31Aug (Total: 2)
khwhitcomb: 21Feb (Total: 6) double posted in rent and trade forums
kimberh: 11Jul (Total: 1)
Kmulhern: 9Aug (Total: 1)
Kogerc34: 12Jan, 21Feb (Total: 2)
Kosmondo: 12Jan (Total: 1)
Kpeebles8: 23Mar (Total: 2)
Kportilla456: 26Jan (Total: 1)
kps321: 4May (Total: 1)
kslinaz: 7Mar (460), 7Mar (1200), 12Apr (215) (Total: 8)
ksnukst: 11Aug (Total: 1)
ktiggerkamy: 29May (Total: 1)
kyrius1: 3Feb (Total: 1)
kyrobie: 12Feb (Total: 1)

larryambrosi: 21Nov (Total: 2)
laschmidty: 31Jan (Total: 1)
laurief3: 8Mar, 12Apr, 24Apr (Total: 5)
LBRBwoodward: 8Mar, 6Apr (Total: 6)
lcras: 17Jun, 13Dec (Total: 3)
leahmpepper01: 17Jan (Total: 3) doubles posts (27Jan)
lhillhr: 12Jul, 25Aug (Total: 2)
lileapers: 12Aug (Total: 3)
lily28: 9Feb, 24Apr, 1Nov, 12Nov (Total: 4)
lilytree: 2Feb (Total: 2)
linbyers: 3Nov, 15Dec (Total: 3)
Lisa: 21Nov (Total: 1)
lisahoper: 23Feb, 8Apr (Total: 4)
lisaviolet: 1Oct (Total: 1)
Loro: 27Jan, 2Feb, 9Sep (Total: 5)
lovindisney: 7Feb, 29Apr (Total: 2)
linbyers: 12Jan, 29Feb, 5Sep, 1Oct (Total: 4)
LSZFagan: 11Jan (Total: 1)
Lucy D.: 22Aug (Total: 5)
LuvAKV: 11Oct, 1Dec (Total: 2)
LvnDsnyInMS: 5May (Total: 1)
lyonking3: posted in reservations wanted; 23Dec (Total: 5)

m1chael1414: 29Feb, 4Mar; 17Mar, 1Oct, 12Nov (Total: 6) 148 Poly uses same points for 2 diff ads
macleary: 27Oct, 15Dec (Total: 3)
macosx: 25Jun (Total: 1)
madimaeolsen: 6Apr, 13Jul (Total: 6)
mamabakes44: 24Feb (Total: 1)
manateebigdog: 22Aug (Total: 1)
mangoterrace: 25Mar (Total: 1)
maricona: 26Feb (Total: 1)
marlinchasr: 19Jan, 19Jan (Total: 2)
Mary Ellen: 18Jan (Total: 1)
marybethp: 1Feb (Total: 1)
marymouse: 15Mar, 12Nov (Total: 2)
maryserv: 24Dec (Total: 1)
maternla: 25Jul, 24Sep, 22Dec (Total: 3)
Mbarnick: 4May (Total: 1)
mbtohill: 28Jun (Total: 1)
mcfalk: 4May (Total: 1)
mcmbrt: 14Nov, 18Nov (Total: 2)
mditkof: 26Sep (Total: 1)
mdphilps: 15Sep, 20Oct (Total: 4)
Meaghanqt: 21Jan, 9Aug, 22Sep, 3Nov (Total: 4)
MelisaV713: 8Dec (Total: 1)
MelMike: 6Spr (Total: 1)
MeyerNJ: 14Aug (Total: 3)
mglg5: 21Nov, 21Nov, 21Nov, 21Nov, 2Dec (Total: 5)
micepace42: 23Apr (Total: 1)
michee: 15Jan, 24Sep (Total: 2)
mickey14: 17Mar, 1Apr, 16May, 28Sep (Total: 5)
Mickeylovesablonde: 1Apr, 6Apr, 23Apr, 27Apr, 4May (Total: 5) DONE
MickeyMark9: 7Nov, 15Nov (Total: 4) DONE
mickeyminniefans3: 30May, 21Jun, 1Dec (Total: 3)
Mickeymouse1999: 14Nov (Total: 1)
MickeyPonchoMom: 24May, 3Aug, 28Oct (Total: 3)
micknmin: 29Apr, 3Aug, 3Aug (Total: 3)
Mike G: 12Jan, 6Apr (Total: 2)
mimi598: 14Nov (Total: 1)
mindenflyer: 18May, 20May (Total: 3)
MisterO23: 23<ay (Total: 1)
mjalto: 15Jan (Total: 1)
mmdaye27: 16Dec (Total: 1)
mmgibbs7: 23May (Total: 1)
modisney: 16May (Total: 1)
mommacat56: 16Jan (Total: 1)
Mommy2g2b: 28Sep (Total: 1)
Monual: 5Nov (Total: 1)
morelop: 12Jan, 16May, 29Jun (Total: 3)
mossmommy2: asks $20ppt 15Jul (Total: 1)
Mousealholic: 27Jul (Total: 1)
MouseforDD: 16Feb (Total: 1)
MouseOwner2: 4Jul (Total: 1)
moxiesteph: 5Feb, 3Jun (Total: 2)
mpusateri: 26Sep, 21Nov, 19Dec (Total: 3)
mrailey: 25Oct (Total: 1)
Mrs C: 21Mar (Total: 2)
MRSTGVC: 25Aug (Total: 1)
mstephens2569: 29Jul (Total: 6) triple posts (2 diff forums) two days later because doesn't bother searching for already approved post; go ahead and keep posting
mtsarnacki: 6May (Total: 1)
mwwagner: 13Aug (Total: 1)
mydvcpoints: 27Jan (Total: 2)
mygreatkid1023: 27Jan (Total: 1)
Mylife1077: 3Feb (Total: 3)

N C State Tigger: 16Jan, 28Sep (Total: 2)
ncgeorgia03: 19Mar (Total: 3)
nakraza: 7Feb, 4Mar, 8Apr, 11Jun (Total: 5)
Nancy1203: 29Jul (Total: 1)
Naty0001: 12Apr (Total: 4) Double posted in 2 forums
Navydoc45: 17Jun (Total: 1)
Neillfamily: 1Apr (Total: 1)
newmy1: 2Jun (Total: 1)
Nicdarbs: 12Feb (Total: 1)
nick9073: 27May (Total: 1)
nilda2010: 5Sep (Total: 1)
NJOYURLIFE: 9Aug (Total: 1)
nocknock: 8Jun (Total: 2)
NoMatter: 12Apr (Total: 1)
Noodlesmom: 4Jul, 13Oct, 1Nov, 12Nov (Total: 4)
Norcal5: 28Jun, 19Jul, 21Nov (Total: 3)
norm&linda: 27Apr, 14May, 1Sep (Total: 3)
Nutsy: 2May, 20May, 25Jun, 1Aug, 1Sep, 1Oct (Total: 6)
NYDisneyDad: 29Apr (Total: 1)

ocean: 23Feb, 9Aug (Total: 2)
ogguls22: 23Jan, 29Feb, 3Mar, 4Mar, 14Oct (Total: 5) broke posting rules; listing same points in different sections
OlafandSven: 29Feb (Total: 1)
OldGrizzly57: 10Jun (Total: 1)
onthelabel: 29Feb (Total: 1)
OrangeLettuce: 21Nov (Total: 2)
OriginalGodzilla: 11Mar, 11Mar (Total: 2)
Orioles2012: 15Jan, 7Feb, 29Feb, 14Mar, 25Apr, 14Nov (Total: 7) Nope
oswald the rabbit: 3Nov (Total: 1)

p.sherman42: 13Jun, 16Jun (Total: 3) 220 AKV
p182cessna: 18May (Total: 1)
Pale rider: 17May (Total: 1)
panwtf: 12Jan, 15Nov (Total: 2)
patoscano: 21Feb, 29Feb (Total: 2)
pbfoucart: 15Jan (Total: 2) reposts
Pcsmithfam: 1Sep (Total: 1)
PeakTek78: 26Feb (Total: 1)
peschksm: 26Jan (Total: 1)
pixelshuman: 30Aug, 20Sep (Total: 2)
platanito: 24Aug (Total: 1)
poster44: 26Apr, 2May, 5May, 14Jun, 15Jul, 5Aug, 15Aug, 15Sep (Total: 8)
PrincessSarah314: 26Apr (Total: 1)
pun5717: 7Mar, 19Mar (Total: 2)


rachelanddaniela: 12Jan (Total: 1)
ralgocanes: 5Aug (Total: 1)
Rasselok: 2May (Total: 1)
RckyMtnDVCer: 20Sep, 21Oct, 15Nov (Total: 3)
rebecca1DisneyW: 24Oct (Total: 1)
Renae: 21May (Total: 1)
rick0929: 4May (Total: 1)
rickandcindy23: 21Nov (Total: 1)
rickefel: 29Feb (Total: 1)
rnrwaitress: asks >$20ppt; price gouge
ro02864: 6Apr (Total: 1)
robinb: 4May, 9Sep, 14Nov, 15Nov (Total: 4)
rojen: 20May (Total: 1)
Rothesay: 15Nov (Total: 2)
rottierock: 13Jan, 19Sep (Total: 2)
ryansgirl96: 15Jan (Total: 1)
ryanm: 21Jul (Total: 1)
rysjourney: 16Jan, 15Mar; 17Mar, 30Aug, 5Oct (Total: 9) puts same points in two different categories

SalsaDisney: 29Jun (Total: 1)
SamJones:16Jan, 3Aug (Total: 4) Reposts, and in wrong forum
Saqib Qureshi: 16Jan, 29Jul (Total: 4)
sbcampbe: 17Aug, 19Sep, 27Oct (Total: 3)
sbill13: 17Jun (Total: 1)
sbkzb: 18Jul, 1Aug (Total: 2)
schirgy4: 1Sep (Total: 1)
scrapaunt: 13May (Total: 1)
sdekker: 18Jan, 23Jan (Total: 3)
SDKin: 31Jan, 14Feb (Total: 2)
sdlong329: 7Mar, 22Apr (Total: 2)
seandaly: 23Jun (Total: 1)
Shandia: 25Jan (3 posts in "wanted" forum)
Shannobucco: 14Mar (Total: 1)
sheepdog23: 1Apr, 6May (Total: 2)
shelbee: 24May, 13Oct, 21Nov (Total: 3)
shelly f - ohio: 23Jan, 12Apr, 3Aug, 15Sep (Total: 5)
shirbygirb: 9Aug (Total: 1)
sidnole: 6Jun (Total: 1)
skinner2010: 11Mar (Total: 1)
skramer924: 11Jul (Total: 1)
skwak: 24Oct (Total: 1)
Slayers: 12Apr, 20May, 14Jul (Total: 4)
sllayton: 6May (Total: 1)
smilam4k: 20Oct (Total: 2)
Snipes2539: 15Jan, 15Jan (Total: 2)
snowrob: 28Aug (Total: 1)
soonerscott: 9Aug (Total: 1)
sophia: 1Nov (Total: 1)
specalkay: 27Jan, 19Mar, 6Jun, 11Jul, 27Oct (Total: 8) adds puts after ad posted
Spiropoulos: 16Dec (Total: 1)
speechpath70458: 21Nov (Total: 1)
ssconner: 13Oct (Total: 1)
ssmurph: 13May (Total: 1)
stacyb: 4Jul (Total: 1)
stangmiller10: 23Jun, 23Jun, 27Jul, 2Sep (Total: 4)
Star Wars mom: 18May, 10Jun (Total: 3)
Startscream88: 4Dec, 15Dec (Total: 2) Keeps posting in wrong freaking forum. DONE
steve2581: 17Jan, 24Sep, 1Nov (Total: 3)
stevedvc: 26Apr (Total: 1)
stlawson28: 21Jul, 24Aug (Total: 2)
stu: 13Aug, 25Oct, 6Dec (Total: 5)
Stuart Song: 8Mar, 25Mar (Total: 2)
stupid: 22Aug (Total: 1)
suebea: 20Jan, 27Oct (Total: 2)
supersnoop: 12Feb (Total: 1)
Support our troops: 3Oct (Total: 1)
susynw: 28Aug (Total: 1)
Sutyakc: 17Jun, 25Jun, 21Jul (Total: 7) double posts on 20Jun
swazie: 27Oct, 12Nov (Total: 2)
swissamy: 7Feb (Total: 1)

taccol: 1Feb, 3Feb, 23Apr, 2May, 2May, 14May, 2Jun, 14Jun, 21Jun, 28Jun (Total: 10) Done
talkingwoody: 29Jul (Total: 1)
TAS1: 4Oct (Total: 2)
tasha99: 14Aug (Total: 1)
tbatt99: 24Apr (Total: 1)
teacher383: 1Apr (Total: 1)
TeamStolasz: 11Jan (Total: 1)
Tedesco Family: 20Oct (Total: 1)
Tessa: 6Sep (Total: 1)
texasflycatcher: 26Jan, 16Feb, 12Sep, 12Sep, 13Dec (Total: 10) reposted and added to original ad
TeensyObsession: 12Feb, 1Apr, 27Apr (Total: 3)
the donut: 6Dec (Total: 1)
thewalkers: 3Mar, 6Apr (Total: 2) didn't close trfr ad before re-posting in CR
tilden: 23Apr, 27May (Total: 2)
Tilley492: 8Mar (Total: 1)
TinaKeller: 24Oct (Total: 1)
Tinglemom: 15Jan, 16Feb, 23Feb, 4Mar, 19Mar [multi] (Total: 10) DONE
Tink614: 23Aug (Total: 1)
tink65: 11Oct (Total: 2)
Tinkerbelle920: 18Jul (Total: 1)
TinyTGO: 23Nov, 19Dec (Total: 8)
tiqr: 15Aug, 7Nov (Total: 3)
tkcool: 9Aug (Total: 1)
tlcraw4d: 19Feb (Total: 1)
Tmoratelli: 12Jan (Total: 2)
toosaucey: 11Jun (Total: 1)
trom3066: 21Feb, 16Mar (Total: 3)
trvl4fun: 28Oct (Total: 1)
TulsaDVCMember: 21Jun (Total: 1)
turtleblue: 5Jul, 27Jul (Total: 2)
txminnie: 12Aug (Total: 1)

Unyeah: 22Jun, 19Jul, 20Jul (Total: 3)
ustasmom: 21Jul, 15Sep, 17Sep, 26Sep, 1Oct (Total: 5)
utahsgoofy: 20Jun, 22Jun (Total: 2)

VA_DVCer: 11Aug (Total: 1)
vacation11: 29Jul, 15Sep (Total: 2)
vacationlover2: 29Sep (Total: 1)
Valerie: 12Apr (Total: 1)
vergailia: 12Jan, 29Jan, 11Oct (Total: 3)
victor91789: 31Jan (Total: 2)
vinhngyuen: 1Dec (Total: 1)
vitani88: 28Jan (Total: 1)
vyim: 28Jun (Total: 1)

walk23: 1Nov (Total: 1)
WeLoveTheMouse: 29Jan (Total: 1)
weluvmm: 23Feb, 1Apr (Total: 2)
westpointmom3: 18Jan (Total: 5) 1600
Wildernesslodgefan: 17Aug (Total: 1)
WILDONETHIRTYSEVEN: 9May (Total: 5) Posted same points in two diff forums
william1375: 11Jan (Total: 1)
wn01aa: 12Apr (Total: 1)
wooldle: 22Aug (Total: 1)
World Explorer: 21Oct, 24Oct (Total: 5)
WRWDisney: 17Sep (Total: 1)
wsutre: 6Jul, 19Jul (Total: 2)


ymcajeff: 9Aug, 1Oct (Total: 2)
Yogi3323: 7Sep, 6Nov (Total: 2)

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