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Originally Posted by Boundin' View Post
I can't blame Eisner for what happened post 9-11. It was a difficult time.
Very true. My point was that Eisner would do what he needed to save the bottom line. Unfortunately for me, 2003 was when we started doing Disney regularly so high discounts and low crowds were my norm, and I saw the later hours down the road as expansions rather then returning to what was.

When I look at Eisner's era for the parks, especially US parks, it was a net positive in a big way. IMO, Iger has been a net negative. You can't even compare

I really agree here. Iger essentially said the parks were mature and they wouldn't be spending much. Then Harry Potter. They weren't prepared for what they would need to be doing.

Still, I wouldn't expect Iger to expand parks (number of them) in US like Eisner did, but they needed continual development that didn't happen. Now it's a construction zone mess, and I"m not convinced Iger can see wha the parks can truly be, partly because of his television background. He came up in NY, while Eisner came up in Hollywood, where thinking bigger is probably easier.

But my enduring image of Igor's rein (I like that Igor spelling), will be IT people training their foreign replacements and being forced to sign NDAs to get a bit of severance. Wrong on so many different levels.
Most definitely. Corporate Disney is cold and cruel. Eisner didn't necessarily know how to run corporate (Frank Well's job) so he may have lucked out in not knowing how to be ruthless in that regard. This is Iger's ball of wax - which he really plays down in his book.


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