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Grand Villa
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Originally Posted by erikthewise View Post
Stupid Questions Concerning Mobile Ordering:

I have not yet used mobile ordering. May give it a try next trip -- just on principle. Everyone says it's great. But I have little interest in using my phone to do something that is very simple to do without it. I don't do a lot of CS, but I've seldom experienced a long enough wait that would make mobile ordering significantly quicker than ordering in person.

-- Do you have to have location services turned on to use mobile ordering?
-- If not, what is to stop someone from ordering from e.g. Nebraska?
-- Do you have to pay in advance, or can you pay using your MB as always?
-- Do you have to pay using your phone when placing a mobile order?
-- Do most/all CS places have a separate line for mobile order pickups?
Yes, credit card.
MDE app
Yes they do!
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Default room issue with ants

I can't believe this has slipped my mind all week, but what is the best way to report that we had ants in our room at Boardwalk? Is there a better number to call? or better to tweet or email?
we only saw them twice, in/near the kitchen sink, but wanted to let someone know.
Also , there was a decent sized chip on the rim of one of the Pyrex bowls, and I meant to leave a note for housekeeping, forgot! (plus NO pen and pad in room......and for whatever reason my 'let's make a deal mom purse' didn't have anything good to write on to leave note)
Anyway, what's best way to contact BWV bout these kinds of things????

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