It's time ....

Well, it's time to say goodbye. After 17-plus years of serving the DVC community, MouseOwners has closed down shop.

Fortunately, some Disneyphiles are offering a new iteration of a DVC-oriented forum. You can find them at . While that site is completely unaffiliated with MouseOwners (despite its uncanny resemblance to our site), we take it as a badge of honor that in reinventing the DVC fan-site wheel, MouseOwners set the gold standard.

You know, the Disney community comes and goes: people move in and out as their interests wax and wane and their life circumstances change. And the truth is that much has changed about DVC and Disney, too, since MouseOwners started way back in 2005. All of these changes encouraged us to move on with our lives.

There is much more to life than Disney, and the MouseOwners administrators have found other rich and meaningful ways to enjoy the beauty and wonders of this world.

To all of you who were a part of making MouseOwners a lively and fun community, we say "thank you!" To those of you who were utter pillocks (and you know who you were, are, and always will be), we offer you a grand two-finger salute and a permanent banning (wink).

Questions? Comments? Just want to say "hi" or "good-bye?" You can reach us at the webmaster addy.

Wishing you health and happiness in the future!

MouseOwners always has been dedicated to the loving memory of Kim's grandmother, Ann Fairchild, a loyal Disney employee from 1977 until her early and unexpected death in 1983. Love you, Gram. Always will.